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2021 Earth Science Week Toolkit - Water Today and for the Future

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Product Overview

Order your "Water Today and for the Future," the 2021 Earth Science Week Toolkit, available for just the cost of shipping and handling $9.75 for the first kit, $2.75 for each additional kit in the United States. This price includes Library Rate shipping to U.S. addresses via the U.S. Postal Service. 


The Earth Science Week 2021 Toolkit includes: 

  • 12-month school-year activity calendar, suitable for hanging 
  • New Earth Science Week poster, including a learning activity 
  • NASA materials on water science on Earth and in space 
  • Geoscientists Without Borders® poster on water from SEG 
  • National Park Service resource on fossils at natural landmarks 
  • Flyer on resources from the Soil Science Society of America 
  • Geologic Map Day poster dealing with the geoscience of water 
  • Mineral Education Coalition material on aggregates 
  • IRIS flyer dealing with seismology and earthquakes 
  • AmericaView-NASA-USGS water board-game poster 
  • Geothermal Rising poster on energy and water science 
  • Association for Women Geoscientists geoscience flyer 
  • Forest Service poster on groundwater-dependent ecosystems 
  • Geologic time scale material provided by AIPG 
  • Flyer on curricula and more from Nutrients for Life Foundation 
  • Water science activities material from NESTA 
  • Bureau of Land Management dinosaur coloring page 
  • National Science Foundation materials on water and careers 
  • GemKids poster from Gemological Institute of America 
  • Water Footprint Calculator information on water science 
  • USGS, NOAA, UNAVCO, CLEAN, NSS, AMS items and more 

For information on bulk orders or special shipping please email John Rasanen at


(No reviews yet) Write a Review