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The Consumer's Guide to Minerals

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by Christopher M. Keane & Megan Sever. The importance of minerals in our everyday lives cannot be underestimated. The Consumer's Guide to Minerals is a different take on them. Rather than focusing on visual and physical properties, this book explores minerals’ myriad uses in scientific research, manufacturing, medicine and many commercial applications some of which may even shock you. This digital exclusive is an important reference for mineral enthusiasts, teachers, and students of applied science, geology and economics; practicing engineers and professional geoscientists in government service, environment and sustainability; and those professionals working in the minerals industry or those serving the minerals industry. The Consumer's Guide to Minerals is a compilation of monthly articles from EARTH Magazine, edited by Megan Sever and Dr. Christopher M. Keane. The Guide is a collaborative effort between EARTH Magazine and the U.S. Geological Survey. Digital Only. Available from the following sources Direct from AGI (ePub)* Amazon Kindle** Apple iBookstore Google Play Store * ePub files require an ePub reader. Many e-book readers support the ePub format, such as the Nook and Sony Reader. Or, you may install software on your computer to read ePubs. Adobe Digital Editions is a free option for both Windows and Mac. ** Kindle files can be read on a Kindle e-reader. They can also be read in Amazon Kindle for PC or Amazon Kindle for Mac, software that you can download for free to your Windows or Mac computer. 220 pp. item #111701


(No reviews yet) Write a Review