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Vision and Change in the Geosciences: Shaping the Future of Graduate Geoscience Education

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Product Overview

Building on the landmark 2021 Vision and Change, this new report articulates a vision for the future of geoscience graduate education — encompassing Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences — and identifies strategies for transformative change in graduate geoscience education.

Since 2018, more than 300 geoscientists in the academic and employer communities have collectively developed a vision for the future of geoscience graduate education. This report explores the societal needs and strategies for preparing future generations of geoscience graduate students and geoscience professionals to meet global challenges. The report addresses a wide range of issues, including the skills and competencies needed for graduate students to be successful in the workforce, the best means of developing these skills and competencies in graduate programs nationally, and the implementation strategies that departmental and program leaders can use to integrate these skills and competencies into graduate programs.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review