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Geotimes/Earth Institutional USB and License

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Product Overview

Use this page to easily pay for your institutional USB drive containing the Geotimes/Earth libary. Terms and license information (listed below) will also be sent with the flash drive. 


The content provided in the Geotimes/EARTH Magazine Archive (Archive) is copyrighted by the American Geosciences Institute. By purchasing and accessing the Archive, you are agreeing to the terms of this license. You are being granted a license to use the content and you do not have ownership of any of the provided Archive. Violation of the terms of this license will result in the termination of permission to use the Archive and additional allowable legal actions.

For institutional licensees of the Archive, you may provide access to the Archive to your authorized users. If general public access is provided by your institution, access to this Archive to the general public may only be provided within your physical facility and not over the internet. Electronic access of the content must be restricted to authorized users of the library or institution, and may not be posted on a publicly accessible website that does not restrict access to your authorized users. Institutional licensees may copy the Archive to their content management systems and internal access systems, as well as make backup copies of the Archive for long-term storage and general enterprise backup processes.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review